To begin with, the USA is the most developed and typical capitalist country in the contemporary era. The development of the USA is known as the “Road of American mode”.Its features are: First, the USA is a country developed and constructed by immigrants. Since the 17th century, especially from the end of 19 century to the beginning of the 20th century, the immigrant scale reached the greatest magnitude.

The American nation composed of immigrants featured optimism, boldness, and pragmaticism. During the 20th century, the USA experienced two immigrant-tide of great magnitude. The first began at the end of the 19th century and ended in 1924 when the Immigration Restriction Act was proclaimed.

The second began in the middle of the 1960s partly due to the serious amendment of immigration law. According to statistics, in tens of years after 1790, people migrating west across the Appalachian Mountains could be more than 100,000 per year; as for the land reclaimed during the forty years after 1860, the area could reach 252 million-acre, equivalent to acreage in the past 270 years.

The greatest positive result of such large-scale reclamation was the formation of the three agricultural districts in the west. The first center in the Midwest was “the Kingdom of Wheat”. The second centered in the Gulf of Mexico was “the Kingdom of Cotton”. The third, with West Grasslandin the center was “the Kingdom of Animal Husbandry”.

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Besides, there remained areas of fruits and vegetable production centered in the State of California, which laid the foundation of the Agricultural Empire of the USA. The Westward Movement has built up the USA, yet at the high cost of a great number of Americans. Second, the USA has never undergone a Federal Society.

Since its foundation, the USA began to bring the production method from Europe where its immigrants came from. Guild, separatist regime, and a class of Feudalism never reigned over the country, which has helped to establish and develop the production method of Capitalism.

Throughout history, America has also undergone two relatively thorough bourgeois revolutions, and it established the capitalist system eventually. Capitalist principles and bourgeois benefits were embodied to a great extent. Capitalism gained a significant development.

Third, since the Civil War in 1865, the USA has never suffered the direct destruction caused by war. Thanks to the superior location of geography, favorable conditions of nature, society, and history, as well as the technology, funds, and labor brought in from foreign countries, the economy of the USA grew rapidly.

Since 1980, the industrial production of the USA began to outweigh that of the UK and leaped to the top of the world. During the Second World War, the economy of the USA was boosted unprecedentedly due to its status of “the Arsenal of Democratic Countries”.

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In 1948, the industrial production of the USA accounted for 54.6 percent of the world, export volumes of foreign trade 33 percent, and gold reserves 25 percent, therefore the dollar become the core of world currency. Besides, the USA was the largest creditor country. With the atomic bomb on the one hand, and with dollars, on the other hand, the USA occupied the first place and began to promote its Global Strategy.

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