Shortcut keys, which also can be called as shortcuts or hotkey, is a special function that can help computer users finish an operation in a short time by using some specific keys, key’s orders or key combination. Most of shortcut keys usually be used by cooperating with such as Ctrl key, Shift key, Alt key, Fn key and the Windows keys, which are effective under Windows platform, as well as the Meta keys in Macintoshes. It can complete many operations by using shortcut keys instead of mouse, such as open, close navigate the “Start” menu, desktop, menus, dialog boxes and web pages

General shortcut keys:

Key <->Purpose

CTRL(Control)combination key:

Ctrl + A <-> choose all

Ctrl + C <-> copy what you have chosen

Ctrl + X <-> cut what you have chosen

Ctrl + V <-> Paste what you have chosen

Only respond in windows:

Ctrl + B <-> Organize Favorites

Ctrl + E F(SearchFind)<-> Search Assistant

Ctrl + H(History)<-> view history

Function Keys from F1-F12:

F1 <-> Help

F2 <-> Rename

F3 <-> Search

F4 <-> Address Bar List

F5 <-> Refresh

F6 <-> cyclical switch the submenus between windows and desktop

F8 Windows <-> start up options

F9 <-> computational formula

F10 <-> activate the menu bar

F11 <-> shift to the Fullscreen

F12 <-> resave documents

In Word:

Ctrl + B (Bold) <-> blod fonts

Ctrl + D <-> Design

Ctrl + E <-> Center

Ctrl+ G <-> fixed position

Ctrl + H <-> replace

Ctrl + K(Hyperlink)<-> insert hyperlink

Ctrl + L(Left)<-> left justifying

Ctrl+shift+< or > <-> minish or magnify the fonts, which are chosen in word

In IE browser:

Ctrl + D(Add)<-> add collection

Ctrl + L = Ctrl+O <-> open

Ctrl + M <-> = Enter( in the search bar); adjust paragraphs indentation in word

Ctrl + N <-> new window

Ctrl + P <-> print = Ctrl+Shift+F12 in word

Ctrl + R <-> refresh; right justifying in word

Ctrl + S <-> save

Ctrl+T <-> open a new option card in IE7.0

Ctrl+U <-> add underline for the chosen content in word

Ctrl + W <-> close the current window

Ctrl + Y <-> go back to the former operation

Ctrl + Z <-> cancel the former operation