Welcome come back to my blog about sharing some vocabularies of Sports Betting (2). The following content follows former one (link: https://www.ccjk.com/blog/sharing-some-vocabularies-of-sports-betting-1/) . As former one, the following sports betting vocabularies include English name, Chinese name and English translation.

21. Card room(打牌室): The place which is supplied to play cards in a casino.

22. Chase(追牌): In your current hand, you make sure your opponent’s cards are better than yours, but you would like to try out him. Therefore, you continue to go with.

23. Check-raise(检查 – 加注): To check and raise after your opponent did bet.

24. Chip(筹码): A circular sign. It shows different denominations of money. Many gamblers also call it “Check”.

25. Cinch(王牌): Perhaps it is best hand. All of others out when it is put on the table.

26. Come hand(未完手): This hand is not over. There are many cards to be dealt.

27. Crying Call(狂跟注): To call when you think there is only small possibility of winning.

28. Cut the pot(减低累积奖金): To cut some money as private or casino’s profit from each jackpot.

29. Dead Hand(死手):The player cannot continue playing the hand because of irregular behavior.

30. Dead money(死钱): The money that the player put into jackpot, but the player has been “anti-brand”.

31. Door Card(门牌): The first card that is opened in the player’s hand.

32. Draw out(拿牌): In order to improve your cards and defeat your opponent whose card is better than yours before you draw out.

33. Edge(边缘): The one advantage what is more than that of your opponent.

34. Equity(牌值):The value of one hand card or one combination of cards.

35. Expectation(期望值): From a long-term point of view, the average of profit for each note (or loss).

36. Fifth Street(第五街): The fifth card distributed to every player.

37. Flush(同花牌):Get five cards with the same color.

38. Four-of-a-kind(四条):Four cards with the same number, such as four “J” is a four-of-a-kind.

39. Fourth Street(第四街):The fourth card distributed to every player.

40. Free Card(自由牌): It is not necessary to bet for the player who gets this kind of card.

41. Full House(葫芦): three cards with the same number, and the other two also with the same number, such as A♣A♥A♦9♠ 9♥ , this is a full house.

42. Good Game(好局): In this kind of Board, there are a lot of players whose cards are worse than yours, so you become a real Favorite.

43. Heads-up(单挑): It means that there is only one opponent.

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