Today I have done a translation task about sports betting. I’ve never done this kind of translation, so I consulted some materials and got knowledge about sports betting. It is a legal or illegal action to bet upcoming matches. It has a long history and the coverage of betting is very large, including football matches, basketball matches, tennis, golf, racing, motorcycle race, boxing, baseball, swimming, etc. In fact, most of sports betting is often used in football matches.

Now, I would like to share some vocabularies about sports betting. There are English vocabularies, Chinese name and English translation to vocabularies.

1. Active Player(活跃玩家): the players who is still betting.

2. Action(打赌): to bet in a particular hand

3. All – in(全部跟进): to put all money into jackpot

4. Ante(底注): bet that all players should pay before beginning each hand.

5. Back Door(后门): After dealing five cards, receive three Flush or Straight. In general, at the end of Hand, the player gets cards which are not his need. Then “Back Door” will be used.

6. Bad beat(歪打): As the result of getting good cards luckily, a victory hand is got, especially the first player does not get correct cards.

7. Bad game(坏局): In this kind of hand, your opponent is too strong, so that you cannot expect winning.

8. Bankroll(资金): the amount that you can use to bet.

9. Best of it(最好局势): In long term, the player can win huge profits if he bets this kind of situation.

10. Bet(下注): In any certain round, put money into jackpot before others.

11. Bettor(下注者): The person who puts his money into jackpot firstly.

12. Blank(空白): there is not any valuable card in the player’s hand.

13. Bluff(偷鸡): you do not get good cards, but still bet or raise to scare your opponents.

14. Board(台面): the card with lowest value, which should be bet mandatory.

15. Bring it in(开牌注): the bet in the first round

16. Busted hand(破产手): the cards in his hand can’t create any value.

17. Buy in(买进):Sit down and play cards in the hand requires a minimum of money.

18. Call(跟注): To put your bet or raise as the same as your opponent into jackpot.

19. Cal a raise cold(加注跟): To do double bet, that’s to say, one bet and one raise.

20. Caller(叫牌员): The person who calls the “Bet” or “Raise”

(Note: This is only a small part of vacabularies. More will be put here in near future. Certainly, if you need this kind of translation, please contact us by link )