快递公司转型做 O2O “嘿店”,一时间风头无两,可嘿店真的这么好么?定位是否明晰?存在意义又是什么?纵然各界齐唱赞歌,可笔者却认为,眼下的嘿店还处于传统便利店与纯粹电商之间一个比较尴尬的位置,如果不能解决自身定位的问题,那“嘿店”真有可能变成“嘿嘿”,如昙花一现般,一笑而过。

The express company has transformed to be an O2O Hey Store, which was matchlessly popular for some time. However, is the Hey Store really so good? Is its position clear? What is the meaning of its existence? Although all people from various circles think highly of it, I consider that the current Hey Store is still stuck in an embarrassing position between the traditional Convenience Store (CVS) and E-commerce enterprise. If it cannot clearly position itself, the Hey Store is likely to be laughed by others and vanishes as soon as it appears.

SF is going to reform the CVS?


Since SF Hey Store has appeared, it has been widely believed that the first one that needs to be reformed is the retail business of traditional CVS. Without plenty of food on the shelves and drinks in the boxes, in addition to several machines with touch screens for purchase ordering, many “cards” for mobile phones to order through code scanning are anywhere. There are increasing varieties of food, clothes and digital products and etc..

The goods displayed in the traditional store are just several piles of paper in the Hey Store. Without storage pressure, cashier or tallyman, and with less display space, Hey Store’s operation cost accounts for only a fraction of that of CVS in the community. Therefore, people certainly believe that traditional CVS has no advantages at all.

我们不妨换个角度思考一下,假设炎热的午后,你想买一杯冷饮消暑。刚好在你面前,左边一家经营多年的便利店,右边是一家新开的顺丰嘿店。如果选择左边,那么是熟悉的购买流程,不超过 2 分钟你就可以吃上自己喜欢的冷饮。如果选择右边,那么购买流程应该是这样的,你拿出手机,在眼花缭乱的二维码中选择一款适合自己的冷饮,迅速下单,手机支付,然后等待顺丰的配送服务。试问在这种情况下,便利店真的不占优势么?当然不是!

We might as well think differently. If you want a cold drink in a torrid summer afternoon, there are one CVS on your left which has been operating for many years and one new SF Hey Store on your right. On the left, through the familiar purchase process, it takes you no more than 2 minutes to enjoy the drinks.

While on the right, the procedure will be like this, firstly you take out you phone, choose one drink you like from the dazzling two-dimension code, order quickly and pay it, then wait for the distribution by SF. I wonder, under the circumstances, does CVS really have no advantages? It is absolutely not.


On the contrary, SF Hey Store’s zero inventory becomes its shortcomings. CVS’s sucesss lies in its convenience and experience, especially for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG).I believe that nobody would love to wait the package for a long time at home. Quote the insiders, “Though it is small and the standard goods it sells are low-tech, CVS is the retail entity that is most difficult to operate in the current retail industry.” From this alone, we can say CVS has it all over the Hey Store.


Based on logistics, SF counterattacks the E-commerce enterprise?


Second, it is not easy to reform E-commerce. Wang Wei, the low-key SF CEO, has said some surprising words, that is “SF should be based on logistics and counterattacks the E-commerce enterprise”, which indicates that Wang Wei doesn’t take the E-commerce enterprise seriously and also explains the reason why Wang refused Ma Yun’s visit in Hongkong.


It’s analyzed that Wang owns two ways to compete with the E-commerce enterprise, one is the Sfbest that is mainly engaged in the fresh products and the other is SF VIP that focuses on the business high-end gifts. However, the SF VIP has failed because of the anti-corruption activities in recent two years. SF Best runs relatively better by its mature logistics chain, because SF really holds some advantages in the delivery speed. But with the rapid speed, SF can only maintain its operation instead of gaining great success in the fresh business.


From the perspective of consumers, we have no need to go to the Hey Store if we can finish shopping on the Internet through PC and mobile phones. As for the choice for express, I think, if delivery is achieved on time, there is no much difference among YUNDA, STO and SF. So SF has little competitive advantages.


The most unreliable agent for sending and receiving express business

最后一个,要说的是嘿店的代理收发快递业务,也是笔者认为最不靠谱的。资料显示,顺丰在 2011 年就开始探路便利店经营模式,顺丰雄心勃勃宣布:将在全国布局 5000 家顺丰便利店,但在第一批几百家便利店面世后,顺丰便利店却全军覆没,铩羽而归。

Last, I’d like to say that SF Hey Store is the most unreliable agent for sending and receiving express business. According to the data, in 2011, SF has started to explore the way of CVS business model. It declared ambitiously that 5000 SF CVS would be distributed in China. But on the moment the first hundreds of SF CVS emerged, almost all of them failed.

此次,518 家同时开业的嘿店,更像是在经历和原有便利店授权合作及自营便利店探路不顺后的升级和改造。在笔者看来,收、发快递,消费者图的就是省事、快捷,这种代理点自然越多越好,518 家店铺简直九牛一毛,如果几公里以内还看不到一家嘿店,我何必非要选择顺风呢?现实就是这么残酷,没有顺丰,还有申通,没有申通还有圆通,没有圆通还有中通,更有叫不上名的快递公司哭着喊着要帮你送。

But this time, 518 Hey Stores will open at the same time, which looks more like an upgrade and a transformation after the licensed cooperation with the original CVS and the frustrated exploration of their own CVS. In my opinion, convenience and speediness are what customers really want. So the agent point is more, it is better. However, 518 stores look like a drop in the bucket, because if you cannot find a Hey Store for miles, why you have to choose SF? How cruel the fact is! Without SFSF, we can also make choices among STO, YTO, ZTO and many unknown express companies.

顺丰嘿店单纯仿照美国和日本流行的“快递+便利店”模式,显然不适合国情。没有一个清晰明确的定位,眼下的嘿店更像一个四不象的怪物。综上所述,嘿店在与传统便利店、电商的竞争中都不占优。如果不及时调整策略,或许只会在 O2O 浪潮中,充做看客们“嘿嘿”一笑了之的反例。

SFSF simply imitates the Express + CVS model that’s prevalent in US and Japan, which is evidently not suitable for China’s actual conditions. Without a clear and specific position, the current Hey Store looks strange. In conclusion, there is no competitive edge for the Hey Store to compete with the traditional CVS and E-commerce enterprise. Strategy adjustment should be carried out as soon as possible, or Hey Store will become a negative example laughed by the onlookers in the wave of O2O.

From: The Huxiu
Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Edited by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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