In the lots of projects, sometimes we would encounter one kind of project, LSO project. What’s LSO, it’s actually the abbreviation of ‘language sign-off’. To speak frankly, what we need to make the mark for the errors in the target language while contrasting with the source language.

After making out the meaning of LSO clearly, here I’d like to illustrate the step for how to do LSO project. Since the different LSO projects would have the different project requirements, thus, the first step to understand the project requirement fully before starting the LSO project, that’s to say, to make sure what files the clients need, if need to use the track mark in the target file, if need to make the comments in the target file etc.

Second, to begin the process of handling the LSO project, here take an example for one of our routine project, i.e., Graco, this project always asks us to contrast the source file with the target file in PDF files, so we need to open two windows for PDF files, and would be better to open two windows in one screen, left to right or up to down, it’s easy for us to review the source and the target in one screen, and easier to find the error.

Third, to make comments in the PDF file of the target language, and the comments always were asked to write in English, and it should be simple and short, i.e., ‘Change XXX to XXX’, ‘Replace XXX with XXX’, ‘Please delete XXX’ etc.’, these simple comments are very helpful for the client to ask his/her DTP specialist to typeset the format again, it is easier for the DTP specialist understand how to adjust the format for the file.

Fourth, while making the comments in PDF file, we also need to update the corresponding contents in the Excel file which client provided in advance, since the client needs to update his/her TM according to the changes made in Excel file, so don’t forget to update the Excel file when you make the comments in the PDF file of the target language.

After doing the above steps, would be better to review the target PDF file again, to see if something is missing in it. If yes, please make the change in the file.

Since the different LSO projects would have the different requirements, so it is very important for us to understand the specific requirement fully for the certain project, then to handle the project.