carl zeiss microscope

[原]:卡尔?¤蔡司 (carl zeiss) 显微镜

[改]:Carl Zeiss 显微镜



[改]:色谱法/高性能液体色谱 (hplc)

Dionex HPLC


[改]:Dionex HPLC

genetic analysis



imaging plate reader



lab equipment for sale



A buyer’s premium will apply at this sale.



The auction will be conducted in and will accept only currency.



Bid live in person or on the website at


[改]:亲临现场投标或通过网站 在线投标。

Over $3.3 billion sold in 28 asset categories & over $34 billion in assets valued across 15,000 appraisals since 1990

[原]:自 1990 年开始我们已售出了包含 28 个资产目录共计超过 33 亿美元的资产£?并进行了超过 15,000 项评估£?资产总估价超过 340 亿美元

[改]:自 1990 年开始,我们已售出了 28 个资产目录中超过 33 亿美元的资产,并在 15,000 多项评估中确定了 340 亿美元资产的价值。

Trust DoveBid Valuation Services for Your Consulting Needs Guiding Global 4000 clients through the complexity of required financial reporting, tax and structured finance valuations with insight and expertise from industry leading professionals.

[原]:顺应您的咨询需求的?°DoveBid 估价服务?±£?汇集业内领先的专业人士的真知灼见和专业技能£?为全球 4000 家客户对必需财务报告、税务和结构化财务评估的各种复杂需求提供指导£?绝对值得信赖。

[改]:DoveBid 估价服务竭诚满足您的咨询需求,业内一流专业人士引领全球 4000 家客户应对错综复杂的各项事务,包括必要的财务报告、税务和系统化的财务评估,分析透彻,游刃有余。

DoveBid is extremely pleased to have been selected by to conduct this On-Location Auction of

[原]:DoveBid 十分荣幸地主持本次拍卖标题?现场拍卖。

[改]:能被邀请主持此项现场拍卖,DoveBid 倍感荣幸。