As the soul of getting success on selling, good communication is of great importance on doing a project. And in essence, selling skills is communication skills.

When we begin to bid on a project, we need to communicate with our project manager and the person who is able to deal with the job, especially for those graphic designing and website designing jobs. Through communicating with them, we analyze the difficulty of the project, work out a reasonable quotation and decide the deadlines of the delivery.

And then we use email or other communication tools to get in touch with the clients to begin our business. Before this process, we need think twice and then write an appropriate and attractive proposal for our clients. Once our clients show their interest in our services and give us a message, the real communication between our clients and us begins.

We need to read between the lines to understand the real intention of our clients and then build up trust and establish a friendly cooperation relationship with them.

In my opinion, whatever services you serve, whichever project you involve, ‘right conversation with right person’ is always the key. Understanding our clients’ personality and intention is the base of good communications, while the base of the base thing is that we should understand the differences between our clients, and by understanding these, we can touch their hearts and meet their needs.

To be a good salesperson, we should always take the initiative to communicate with our clients, concentrating on listening to their needs and demands and then making a positive feedback and response. Only by doing this, can we establish a friendly and long-time relationship with our clients, and this will also benefit our future cooperations.