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Romanian Language history

Romanian language evolved from Latin Oriental populations prolonged contact with Slavic origin being a major part of the vocabulary.As of 1995, the largest Romanian-speaking community in the Middle East is found in Israel, where Romanian is spoken by 5% of the population. Romanian is also spoken as a second language by people from Arabic-speaking countries who have studied in Romania. It is estimated that almost half a million Middle Eastern Arabs studied in Romania during the 1980s. Small Romanian-speaking communities are to be found in Kazakhstan and Russia. Romanian is also spoken within communities of Romanian and Moldovan immigrants in the United States, Canada and Australia, although they don’t make up a large homogeneous community state-wide.

Romanian dialects

Some linguists consider that there are four Eastern Romance languages: Istro-Romanian, Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian Daco-Romanian, others believe that they form a single language, Romanian language with four dialects. Romanian grammar

Romanian nouns are characterized by gender (feminine, masculine, and neuter), and declined by number (singular and plural) and case (nominative/accusative, dative/genitive and vocative). The articles, as well as most adjectives and pronouns, agree in gender, number and case with the noun they reference. Romanian is the only Romance language where definite articles are enclitic: that is, attached to the end of the noun (as in North Germanic languages), instead of in front (proclitic).

They were formed, as in other Romance languages, from the Latin demonstrative pronouns. As in all Romance languages, Romanian verbs are highly inflected for person, number, tense, mood, voice. The usual word order in sentences is SVO (Subject – Verb – Object).

Romanian has four verbal conjugations which further split into ten conjugation patterns. Verbs can be put in five moods that are inflected for the person (indicative, conditional/optative, imperative, subjunctive, and presumptive) and four impersonal moods (infinitive, gerund, supine, and participle). Romanian liturgical

With the introduction of the Byzantine rite and the Slavonic language in worship, by the year 990 , the Romanian language liturgy slavicized strong, especially in official terminology, but some old words have been preserved in the language of the people.

Romanian as a second language

Romanian as a second language use is common among ethnic minorities in Romania and Moldova.

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