The achievement of an order, in addition to our quality and service play a key role in the process of the transaction, there is another very important factor we cannot ignore: communicating skill.

Communication skills, refers to the managers have the ability to collect and send information, can pass the written, oral and body language of media, effective and clearly express their thoughts and feelings to another person with the attitude, can quickly and correctly interpret the information of others, to understand others’ thoughts and feelings and attitudes.

Communication skills involved in many aspects, such as simplified the use of language, active listening, attaches great importance to the feedback, control, emotional and so on. Although have communication skills does not mean that become an effective manager, but the lack of communication skills and can make managers encountered many problems and obstacles.

Improve communication skills, we need to clarify the listener wants to listen to what, by approval, praise, ask demand way to realize. We also should use a kind of interest expression to show our attitude such as humor, enthusiasm, affinity, friendly. At the same time, in proper opportunity and place, according to the requirements, change our methods.

When listening, we should choose a comfortable way suitable for speaker and listener, actively explore speaker want to say what, put yourself in, don’t interrupt and positive response, sometimes we should use encouraging expression to show your great interest; Control mood response and timely feedback, and finally to confirm understanding, we can clarify our opinions after finish listen.

Due to differences in Chinese and western culture, the expression of us are always too directly, a lot of hard words will enable customers to disgust. The same expression, if we choose in a tactful way, it will be more comfortable, also acceptable to clients.

If we want to have a dinner with client, if we invite him like this:“ could you please have a dinner with me tonight? ”Sometimes we will encounter to refuse, in such kind of case, it will be more difficult for us further discuss with him about our business. So if we use another expression such as“ May I have the honor to invite you for dinner ?”will be more polite.

When we deal with some urgent projects, if we need some more time to complete, we could say like this “We will be very appreciated if you could give us some more time.”

Good communication will be through the whole process of sales work, and communication ability strong and the weak, will also be on each link, to a decisive impact on the success or failure of the sales work.