Everytime we come into a new company,the enviroment not only the people around but also the atmosphere have changed.we are likely to ask ourselves if we can adapt to the new place quikly or even what should we do to be used to our new jobs as soon as possible .

It is hard to avoid difficulties in our new jobs though we maybe always doubte ourselves ,i think it is hard to complete a job perfectly at first but we should encourge ourselves to take courageous to do it .If we try our best to do it,i think we can do it beter and beter though there may be no” best”.

This is my third week in cz-ccjk company and i just knowed something like our company ‘s composition chater ,related rules and value viewpoint the first several days.I know my main job is resouse management,but i am really afraid that if i can recruit suitable and qualified human talents even if many predecessors have kindly told me complete informations.So i am always hesitating to search for related informations…

One day’s afternoon,Harry gave me several resumes that have tested before,he said several pieces maybe useful ,i think it’s time to have a try .I selected four exellent resumes and contated them through telephone,i asked them if they want to do part-time jobs of translation ..Each of them said they were glad to do it and i then sent them freelancer-application table and ask them to fill in it. Everything goes smoothly than what I thought….

But the next day I found someone did not fill the table and the most impressive one of them is a girl called Ms Zhou who absolutely refused me in the mail.At first,when I told she there is a part-time job providing for u,she was very glad to accept, but when i sent the table to her,she suddly said she was afaid that she was not qualified enough as she was not very clear about translation tools and maybe she was just a junior translator as some HR said.I was very sorry to hear that but it was not hard to understand her thought and i think people who take things seriously are more strict to themselves and may finish the job more perfetly so i replied a mail to her.

I said we believe u are exellenct though u do not know very well about the tools and some translation company also have junior translators who do not know how to use them and it may be easy to learn to use these tools.I said this is also a chance for u if u can give us a chance.Until nearly 6O’clock,she was still keep silent ….I was a little disappointed……But i did not want to give up so on the way i went home ,I called her,I encourged her and invited her to take part in our team sincerely as i told her in my mail,she was a little moved and accepted .The second morning,I received her freelancer-apply table and she also recommend another lingist to me….

That day make me know maybe something is not as difficult as we thought though maybe what we did is far than enough ,just do it and take it seirously,we may be more nearer to success.

This article is my little thougt and just for encouraging ourselves and others needed….