With the rise of artificial intelligence, many occupations have been gradually operated by robots. It can be predicted that some occupations will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, such as cashier, telemarketer, telephone operator, and so on. However, there are also some new occupations that will become coveted in the future. So what are the occupations?

AR imaging field: AR technology is that augments reality technology. It allows users to experience a very realistic scene in a virtual situation. With artificial intelligence and 5G technology development and popularization, the AR will become very popular entertainment. People can experience immersive game pleasure through a virtual environment. With the increase of the AR project, this area also needs a lot of AR architect.

Medical equipment and support field: In the future, with the help of artificial intelligence, it may be possible to input a patient’s condition into a machine, which will display the patient’s diagnosis and interpret it. The person who operates the machine may need only a professional level of care to see the patient.

Big data assist business: The data detective will be a new occupation. Their main job is to provide data and decision-making for business elites or financial institutions through artificial intelligence devices and big data analysis.

Robot system operator: Robot system operator refer to those who use tools, measuring tools, testing instruments and equipment to collect data, monitor status, analyze and diagnose faults, repair and preventative maintenance of industrial

AI trainer: AI trainer IS an emerging profession with the widespread application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in recent years. They work on solution design, algorithm tuning, data annotation, and so on.

There will be more new occupations than the above mentioned. We don’t need to worry about the unemployment of some people caused by the advent of the era of artificial intelligence. After all, the development of artificial intelligence will not suddenly erupt into a blowout, which will give us enough time to adapt to and solve the problem. In a word, the development of artificial intelligence is also a symbol of human progress. Science and technology are always developing constantly. We just need to wait quietly for the convenience brought by science and technology. What do you think of the development of artificial intelligence?

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