Feel a little tired due to working under high pressure? Just have a break for relaxing now.

The following message may make you feel faint or even get angry, but finally will make you feel so warm after you reading it. It only takes about one minute to complete. I hope it can bring you fun and get rid of work pressure. Now get to try it.

1. I want to tell you a secret, please see 5.

2. To find the answer, please see 11.

3. Don’t get angry, please see 15.

4. Be patient, don’t be angry, please see 13.

5. Please see 2 firstly.

6. Don’t get angry, please see 12.

7. I just want to tell you, I LOVE YOU.

8. What I want to tell you is, the answer is at 14.

9. Please keep patient and see 4.

10. It is the last time I did so, please see 7.

11. I hope you will not become angry when I ask you to see 6.

12, I’m sorry, please see 8.

13. Don’t lose you cool, please see 10.

14. I don’t know how to say, but please see 3.

15. You must get mad, please see 9.

From now on, don’t hesitate to tell the three words to whoever you love: your parents, your children, you lover and your friends. The three words will make them feel all warm inside.