It is raining outside, slightly. And my mind becomes quiet.

A friend of mine is searching for a new job. we have a conversation.

“oh I don’t know what could I do, I just send some application, some reply I am not satisfied, and I fail in a interview, I think I mess everything up, and now I could know what I can do, I am astray. ”

“Maybe you should follow your initial direction.” I said.

Yes, when we feel going astray, no direction, frustrated, disappointed about ourselves, what should we do? At that time, we have a rather period of time, enable to do nothing, emerging in the sorrow and emptiness. It takes us long to get recovery till there is hope again. Where is the hope however? It is comes from ourselves inside. The sense of goal, the sense of direction, only by which could ignite and our lives and activate our passion.

When we feel the sense of direction, we get exited! Have you ever meet that feeling? Really a passion of live, we feel everything is adorable. Our mind becomes faster, voice louder, mood nicer. We are in the best shape at that moment. And fortunately, the sense of direction is not that hard to keep, because everyone has dream or goal, which cultivates the sense of direction. write them down, before you forget it. And keep the piece of paper in your wallet.

When you feel blue, when you down, cannot find what you can do? Take the sheet out, which will ignite you again. You may ask, what if, I don’t have any dream, how to ignite my passion. That is impossible, unless you get special sick, you will have something you want to do and potential passion inside.

So keep our initial direction in mind, and stick to you it, is the way of success. However the way on the success may be tough and endless, the happiness come from the achievement in the way of direction could overwhelm everything.

Believe me or not, though I am far from success, I still on the way of that, sometimes go astray, but still walking on that, at least remember to follow that direction. here I want to talk to that friend of mine, when you go astray, and feel blank about your future, try to think of you initial direction and find why you here.

The rain stops ,and it begins to shine…