As a Project Manager (PM below), we should check and review the files received from the editors to make sure the files which will be sent to the client perfect and satisfied. QA process should be involved in the checking and reviewing by using QA distiller, Xbench, etc. There are some aspects we should pay attention to during the checking.

Missing or disordered translation

The words right after a symbol such as arrow at the end of a sentence is often omitted or out of sequence in translation. Be careful not to omit the words or change the order of these kinds of words in the translation.

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Select Select picture → an image. 选择“选择图片” → ??? 选择“选择图片” → 图片
Select a memo, or select a folder → a memo. 选择“菜单”,或选择文件夹→. 选择“菜单”,或选择文件夹 → 菜单。

Untranslated text (missed translation)

Conjunctions such as “and” and “or” are not translated or often left as English in translation. Be careful not to miss these conjunctions in the translated text.

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Source Text Incorrect Corrected
To save or dismiss the reminder, select Save all or Dismiss all. 如要保存或者删除提醒,选择“全部保存”or “全部删除”。 如要保存或者删除提醒,选择“全部保存”或者“全部删除”。
mp4, avi, wmv, flv, and mkv mp4, avi, wmv, flv, and mkv mp4, avi, wmv, flv, 和 mkv
Select [XX] or [XX] to view only a single part of the route. 若仅查看部分单程路线,选择[XX] or [XX]。 若仅查看部分单程路线,选择[XX] 或者 [XX]。

Corrupted characters

Some characters, especially in RTL languages, are corrupted in the target files. It might have occurred during the conversion process. So we should review and double-check the translated texts before handing off to the client in order to avoid any corrupted characters left in the final files.

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Select Add city or press [XX] → Add. 选择“添加城市”或者⌂⌂ [XX] →添加. 选择“添加城市”或者按[XX] →添加.

To sum up, we should make sure the deliverables as accurate and correct as possible, avoiding any lowe mistakes or obvious errors.