Preface: Recently, we did an unique job—Chinese coding. The customer has given us specific information for this assignment. We also find the questions that has been asked (the base for the answers) and the brief for this assignment.

The customer has specified answers that actually has to be translated and one code list that has to be used for a certain question. The idea is to replace all answers with different codes in order to be able to read the answers out in an easy way.

How to code:

1. Try to find similarities in the answers. For instance in Q 33: 花生油

2. Give this answer an English name. For this example: peanut oil

3. Also give this answer a number. For this example: 2

4. Put this number behind all answers that say: 花生油

5. If an answer only occurs a few times it is not necessary to make a separate code. You can code that one with 98 and name that code “other”.

6. If a respondent says “don’t know” or “nothing”. Please code that as 99

7. Also if a respondent just pushed some buttons, like “hjsdkhfjk” to answer, code that as 99

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Question & Answer:

1. Q:There’s not any code in the provided Code Frame Q43 for some answers in Q43

And we think it’s not so good to code all of the above into “Other”, do we need to add the necessary codes in the provided Code Frame Q43?

A:Yes, please do

2. Q: In the provided Code Frame Q43, we found some codes have no any corresponding answers in Q43. Do we need to delete them or keep them as original?

A: Please keep them, no problem there are no answers to code there

3. Q: In Q43: Although some answers are not exactly the same, they should indicate the same thing: extra virgin olive oil. Could we just use a code for all of them? Or do we need to code this number as “extra/extra virgin/extra olive oil/extra virgin olive oil”?

A: Please code this number as “extra/extra virgin/extra olive oil/extra virgin olive oil”

4.Q: In Q57, some answers include 2 or 3 things.

But they are not separated as other sheets, If we need to code one answer as 2, the other one as 3, What should we do about it?Do we need to code this answer as 2 &

3. Or we need to separate this answer to be separated?

A: If there are two things mentioned in one cell, please provide two codes in the cell next to the answer, separated by column. No need to split the answers yourself.

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