Project document management

Document management of all Translation and DTP projects is the basis of the whole project which can be carried out smoothly. Good document management can help to store all project-related documents, and effectively prevent loss of any information. Based on the commonality of all projects, well-trained project managers usually predefine a set of project file structure and apply into all projects, and project members are asked to store the related documents in the appropriate folder as per agreed practices. This do helps project managers to effectively control and manage the documents.

Below is the commonly-used file folder structure:


1. [JobNo] is named with naming convention YYYYMM[001-999].

2. [ClientRefNo] refers to the PO number provided by client.

3. [ProjectName] needs to be named consistently in order to facilitate retrieval.

4. [Industry] is named according to the subject matter of the project,as classified in Appendix II.

5. [SrcLang] and [TgtLang] is named with a ISO-639 two-letter language code plus a ISO-3166 two-letter country code. E.g. enUS_zhCN.

6. [PM] refers to the name of the Project Manager who takes charge of the project.

7. “TR”, “ED”, “DTP” refer to the step of Translate, Edit and Desktop Publishing respectively.

8. “Dirty” and “Clean” refer to the unclean bilingual file and cleaned target file.

Of course, in the actual project document management, each project manager has their own preferred way of working, but, basically they should follow the universal document management structure in the project management. The benefit is obvious. You can ensure that project documentation is complete, but also conducive to the handover of the project management and training.

Project backup

In the process of project operations, for the documents on different platforms, or the operating document scattered in the local machine, must be regularly uploaded to the document server for backup in case of crashes, working documents missing. All these documents should be put in the specified position in the server.

Only to keep all documents in good Archive and back up regularly, you will find all things become organized.