Are you finding it hard to get a professional Swahili translator?

Swahili (which is known as Kiswahili in Swahili language) is a Bantu language. It is spoken as a native language by around 5–10 million people. It’s the language of different ethnic groups living along the coastline of the Indian Ocean, from northern Kenya and northern Mozambique, to the Comoros Islands. Swahili is the official and national language of four nations, namely Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In order to respond to the internationalization, people from around the world need to communicate with each other, regardless of their native language.
To overcome the communication barrier, many have to turn to translation agencies. Unlike popular languages, it is hard for one to find a professional translator in the field of Swahili translations.

Even if you have finally found a Swahili translator, you are still concerned about his or her professional competence. But you don’t need to worry any longer when you turn to CCJK.

Our strengths:

CCJK is a professional translation agency with 10 years experience in translations and localizations, which makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner. We are here to provide client-focused services which will ensure high quality, professional standard, and effectiveness for our valued clients.

CCJK is continually gathering many talents for various languages, including lesser-known languages such as Swahili. Our Swahili translators have rich translating experience and have delivered high quality services to a large number of our clients, which, in turn, have earned us reputation.

Our objective is to strive to meet our clients’ needs. We can response to these needs immediately as we have members staying online for more than 12 hours a day. We never loose any chance to refresh our capacities to response to the ever developing society.

Our groups:

Thanks to the supportive environment within our company, our group is composed of talents with different characters. But we have one thing in common: we are enthusiastic, professional and readily to refresh.

Marketing group

Our marketing group, experienced in dealing with various clients, can understand our client’s needs well and its team members are easy to communicate with. When our clients send them projects, they work closely with the translators to ensure high quality service and deliver the projects on time.

Whenever you contact them, they will response to you promptly.

Translating group

Amongst the experienced group members are the translators who are responsible for the Swahili field. With several years of experience in translating, they have dealt with various areas, covering electronics, medical, and law fields.

They are the most meticulous people you can find. They will try every way they can to make use of all kinds of sources, so as not to misunderstand a word. The members of the group also work closely to share their experience with each other, so they deserve your trust.

Other than that, they apply rigorous translating procedures to all projects and would never let our clients down. When the first step of translating finishes, your project will be under scrutiny of the proofreading members until all of them satisfy with it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if need our help, you will get the satisfactory service you need from our capable team.