User manual translation should follow below principal during translation.

1. Concise, Clear and easy to understand

The target readers are those consumers. So the purpose of product description is to convey and introduce the related information of products, guiding the customers about how to purchase the merchandise. Practicability is the most features of the user manual. Meantime, because the consumers are not the professions and they are not familiar with the products, user manual should avoid any long and tediously sentences and use the simple, clear and understandable words or phrases. For example:


1) 已接电源

2) 选择了正确的输入

3) 音量开导最小

4) 音箱已正确接驳

5) 主机处于静音状态

Troubles and troubleshooting: if the unit makes no response when power button is pressed, please check if:

1) The power supply is already turned on

2) The correct input is chosen

3) The volume is turned to its minimum level

4) The speaker are correctly connected, and

5) The main unit is set at the “mute” mode

1. Accurate and emphasis the point.

We should use the accurate and regular words to express the meaning. Besides above features, the product description also should have the features of stressing the point, telling people which is main characteristic. For example:




High definition: this unit adopts some coding format and brings the horizontal resolution over 500 lines.

Time search: it can quickly search a specific part on a disc, especially agreeable for playing action movies.

Content display: TDT LCD and Chinese/English OSD make disc contents clearer.