If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

With plants sprouting and flowers blooming everywhere, spring is a fantastic season for hiking.

Follow the steps below and get well prepared for your spring hiking.

Step 1

Enlist some friends to hike with you. Invite your friends who also like hiking and enjoy fresh air and natural scenes outdoors.

Step 2

Choose where to hike. Shenzhen is situated in the south of southern China’s Guangdong Province, with mountains in the suburb and several hills in downtown areas.

As the highest mountain in Shenzhen, Wutong Mountain is your first choice for hiking. It attracts many young people all year round. Located at the border of Yantian, Luohu and Longgang districts, Wutong Mountain is easily accessible.

The coastal line in the south of Shenzhen is ideal for hiking, too. Have joy, have fun, enjoy your seasons in the sun!

Step 3

Prepare sports gear. A pair of shoes with thick supportive soles will make your hiking trip easier and more comfortable. Wear soft and thick socks if possible and take an extra pair of socks as well, particularly if you are going on a longer hike. In addition, you’d better also prepare permeable clothes, hat, bag, sunscreen, flashlight, hiking sticks, and fingerless gloves. Permeable clothes keep your body warm and dry, even though you are sweating when climbing high. Hat and sunscreen protect you from being burnt by the sun. A bag in proper size can pack what you need for hiking, including food and water.

Generally, for a one-day hiking trip, you may need a 30L bag. Sometimes, you and your friends enjoy yourselves so much that you may go too far away and cannot finish the trip before dark. In that case, flashlight helps. However, for fresh hikers, we would better start early and finish our hiking trip before sunset, just to ensure safety.

If you are going somewhere with steep, rocky slopes, fingerless gloves are a good thing to have on you. Hiking or walking sticks are also helpful for getting up steep slopes, particularly if you carry a heavy pack or do not have good balance.

Step 4

Pack some food and water. For an 8-hour hiking trip, you may need 3L water, because sweating is exhausting, you need to replenish water in a timely manner after sweating.

Get hungry in the woods? Wild fruit is not a good choice, because some of them are poisonous. So, you need to pack some food and fill your belly with some chocolates, bananas, apples, spicy snacks, peanuts, and whatever you like.

Step 5

Let someone know where you are hiking and how soon you will return, just in case anything goes wrong (for example, you get lost).

Step 6

Pack an interphone. There may be no cell coverage in some hiking area. You can connect with your teammates with interphones through a preset channel.

Step 7

Pack basic first aid supplies, including bandages, moleskin, tweezers, and antiseptic wipes.

Step 8

Pack your camera and take some photos of beautiful landscape to share with your friends and families.

Last but not least, enjoy your trip! No matter how hard it will be, go and finish it!