Luckily, I have received several orders for my beginning weeks, and practice makes me better.

I get a clearer picture of the job process. And I come to realize the importance and responsibility of the role of PM. before I enter the company, the interviewer asked me what the PM is.

At that time I can only figure out simple and abstract answer— maybe like a bridge or something? Right now I am little more confident to give a longer speech of what the pm is—he is the person make the project run smoothly and efficiently.

Without a PM, translator cannot totally be in the job of translation. Without a PM, sales will double or even triple her load of work. Without a PM, it cannot be called a professional translation company.

At first, he gets the order from sales. Before starting, he has to analyze the needs of clients, to get a entire picture of the project. Such as target language, the type of the project, the deadline, the words, the bill and the profit.

Then, he begins to arrange the suitable translators to do the job. Noticing them the proper delivering time and emphasizing the quality of translation if necessary, he gets to search for editor or proofread to do the check-work after translation.

All files delivered to PM, and transmitted out to different people. If anything is wrong during the process, PM should take the role of problem-resolving. Maybe he is the busiest guy. However, with the importance of the intermediate position, he is honored to be like this.

During several projects, I also meet some problems, which are not big but very important experience to me. For example, in the first project, I gave a wrong project package file to the translator (wrong words number). And it was lucky to been checked out in time by another manager. I learnt from the experience that, before sent out project file, I had to double check the file with the source and clients’ need in the email, such as the exact words number, the price etc.

In the second project, which is CN-EN translation, I chosen a translator who is not good at this type of job very much for the reason I was not acquainted with translators very well. Because of the mistake, I increased the burden of the editor (next process of work), affecting the efficiency of the project. Next time, better way, I should ask the translator first to find out whether he is competent or not.

During the spare time, I should seize the time to learn more, such as software or getting better information of translators.

There’s still a long to go…