Prediction or Reality: Mobile E-commerce to Take Half the Whole by 2018

电子商务已经成为人们生活不可分割的一部分。然而,目前为止,智能手机和平板等终端的实际销售业绩,还没有在电子商务领域形成规模化影响。不久前,互联网数据研究资讯中心 Forrester 新近公布的预测显示,到 2018 年,移动端的交易额将达到 2930 亿美元,占线上商品销售总额的 54%,相当于再给四年时间,移动电子商务将撑起电子商务的半边天。

E-commerce has become an integral part of people’s lives. However, so far, the actual sales performance on terminals like smart phones and tablets has not a large-scale influence in the field of electronic commerce. Not long ago, a report recently released by Forrester, an Internet Data Research Information Center, forecasts that by 2018, the amount of business transactions on mobile terminals will reach 293 billion dollars, accounting for 54% of total sales online. This means that four years later, mobile electronic commerce will occupy half of the e-commerce.

如今,美国约有 2 亿智能手机用户,1 亿平板用户,而 2010 年这两类用户分别为 6200 万人和 800 万人。报告进一步预测:“今天,通过手机与平板购物的消费者其实在这两类设备的用户中还属于少数派。据我们估算,实际上,今年利用智能手机与平板购物的用户在两类设备用户总数中分别占比仅有 38% 和 31%。我们预计,到 2018 年,这两个比例将分别增长到 55% 和 61%。

Today, in the United States, there are 200 million smart phone users and 100 million tablet users, while in 2010, the numbers for these two types of users were respectively 62 million and 8million. The report further predicted:”Today, only a minority of these two types of users shop through smart phones and tablets. We estimate that, in fact, 38% of smart phone users and 31% of tablet users will make purchases on those devices this year. By 2018, those figures are expected to grow to 55% and 61%, respectively.”

From: The Tmtpost

Translated by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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