Practical Telephone Terminology

Native English is a professional language. This means that a good command of ordinary English does not automatically make a student proficient in native English. A command of English is not just a desirable academic skill. It has become an absolute ‘must’ for today’s business professionals working in internationally orientated environments. When received a English call, there are no need to be panic. Following several ways are available for responding.

1. Just a moment, please.

2. Hold the line, please. I’ll get an English speaker.

3. Hold on, please. I’ll get someone to the phone.

4. I’m sorry, I don’t speak English well. I’ll have an English speaker call you back later. May I have your name and telephone number?

5. Who do you want to talk [speak] to?

6. Who would you like to speak with?

7. The name of the person you are calling, please?

8. Who are you calling?

9. May I have your name, please?

10. May I ask who’s calling, please?

11. Could you put that in more specific terms?

12. You’re talking too fast. I can’t keep up.

13. I’m afraid I didn’t understand that. Could you say that again, please?

14. Excuse me, but I didn’t hear that, would you mind repeating it, please?

15. Sorry, but I didn’t catch that, would you mind spelling it, please?

16. Thank you for calling.

17. It was kind of you to call me.

18. Let’s get together soon.

19. I’d better get off the phone.

20. Call me again any time.

21. I’m always glad to hear from you.

22. Let’s keep in touch, good-bye.

23. Thanks for returning my call, good-bye.

24. Call again anytime you feel like talking.

25. I’m always glad to hear from you.

26. It was kind of you to call me.

27. I don’t think so.

28. You can say that again.

29. I’m sorry to hear that.

30. Oh, come on!

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