Popular terms

Below are some popular terms from internet.


山寨 copycat

异地恋 long-distance relationship

剩女 3S lady(single,seventies,stuck)/left girls

熟女 cougar(源自电影Cougar Club)

裸婚 naked wedding

炫富 flaunt wealth

团购 group buying

人肉搜索 flesh search


发烧友: fancier

骨感美女:boney beauty

卡奴:card slave

下午茶 high tea

愤青 young cynic

性感妈妈 yummy mummy

亚健康 sub-health

灵魂伴侣 soul mate

小白脸 toy boy

精神出轨 soul infidelity

人肉搜索 flesh search

钻石王老五 diamond bachelor

时尚达人 fashion icon

御宅 otaku

橙色预警 orange signal warning

预约券 reservation ticket

上相的,上镜头的 photogenic

80后:80’s generation


限时抢购:flash sale


荧光纹身:glow tattoo

泡泡袜:loose socks

裸妆:nude look

黄牛票:scalped ticket

扫货:shopping spree

烟熏妆:smokey-eye make-up

水货:smuggled goods


正妹 hotty

对某人念念不忘 get the hots for

草莓族 Strawberry generation

草根总统 grassroots president

笨手笨脚 have two left feet

拼车 car-pooling

解除好友关系 unfriend v。

暴走 go ballistic

海外代购 overseas purchasing

跳槽 jump ship

闪婚 flash marriage

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