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Poland’s stable export growth sees a big potential market for translation services.

As a member of the European Union, Poland is a country in Central Europe. With its booming economy, Poland is no longer just about Copernicus, Chopin, Maria Curie and John Paul II for the majority of foreigners. When speaking of Poland, what the people now are talking about with much greater enthusiasm is its outstanding performance in the economic crisis over recent years.

In 2009, Poland saw a 1.7% economic growth. Though its economic growth has greatly slowed, but this country was the only member in the 27-state European Union not to suffer negative growth during the global crisis. Poland has also witnessed its quick recovery. Despite the European debt crisis, Poland’s GDP grew by 3.9% in 2010 and 4.3% in 2011.

The main reason behind this miracle is that Poland has attached equal importance to domestic demands and export businesses. Along with a strong demand for domestic goods, Poland’s exports have also contributed greatly to its economic growth.

According to a research conducted by a consulting firm KPMG together with the Polish Information and Foreign Investments Agency, among the top 1000 biggest manufactures in Poland, 90% of them are engaged in developing overseas market, 88% of them have realized exports, and 55% of them have built a partnership with overseas partners.

During a global recession 2008-2009, Poland allowed its currency, zloty, to depreciate, which greatly improved the competitiveness of Polish exports. While other neighboring countries suffered substantial decrease in exports, Poland has still achieved output increase. Increasing export demands provides a huge potential market for translation services.

CCJK is your reliable Polish translation partner.

Why we are good? An abundant talent pool, strict TEP (i.e. translation, editing and proofreading) process, seamless project management, quick response, timely delivery and confidentiality guarantee make us your best choice for Polish translation.

For any project, either big or small, you can enjoy our all-in-one package service at a very competitive price. The translated files you have received are the outcome of team work by sales (if appropriate), project manager, translator, editor, proofreader and even DTP staff and programmers. We understand how important the quality of translation is for you, and we also admit that translation is not an easy work.

It is far more than a case of replacing words in one language with those in another. Therefore, we are always wholehearted when dealing with each project. We choose the most qualified translator/editor for translation/editing as well as allocate a dedicated project manager to track the process, keep communication with the client, and maintain translation assets, including TM, glossary and guide style.

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We also understand time is money. Your required deadline may be quite urgent. But don’t worry! We can meet your requirement based on our expanding talent pool. Our talent pool boasts 2,000+talented linguists all over the world now, and its size is increasingly growing. Our resource department shall maintain and update the records of each linguist, including their specialist areas, translation quality and use of translation tools.

Need Polish translation now? CCJK is at your hands. For more information about CCJK, please visit https://www.ccjk.com.

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