Pocari: Lunar Advertising Program

作为宝矿力饮料的生产商,大冢制药近日正式启动了 “月球梦想囊” 计划,将在 2015 年发射私人火箭,把满载人类梦想留言和宝矿力冲剂的 “梦想囊” 送到月球表面。如果计划能够成功实施,这也将成为第一支在月球上发布的广告。

Recently,Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,as the manufacturer of Pocari beverage,officially launched the “Lunar Dream Capsule” program and will launch its private rocket to send the “dream capsule” which is fully loaded with human dream message and the powder form of the drink to the moon surface. It will be the first ad released on moon if it success.

“梦想囊”将于 2015 年 10 月搭乘猎鹰 9 号(Falcon 9) 运载火箭经 4 天半的行程到达月球。由 SpaceX 公司设计的猎鹰 9 号能重复进行太空旅行,它已经成功为国际空间站进行了三次营养补给,这项计划也将是该火箭首次向月球推进。登陆月球后,“梦想囊”将由私人公司宇宙机器人科技(Astrobotic Technology) 制造的 “格里芬(Griffin)” 登陆舱放置在月面上。

“Dream capsule” will reside by the Falcon 9 for half and four days to reach the moon from October 2015. The Falcon 9 designed by SpaceX company can redo space travel and provide three times of nourishment supplies for International Space Station, which will implement the first travel of rocket to the moon. After it reaching the moon, ”dream capsule” will be left on the moon surface by the lunar craft “Griffin” made by the private owned company “Astrobotic Technology”.

From:  The Meihua

Translated by Lynn, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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