English has been playing a more and more important role in people’s daily work in China, and many people want to improve their English skill in order to be more successful in their career life. Here, I want to give some advice which I call plan ABC to those who want to enhance their English skills.

Plan A—reading an English novel It’s more difficult than expected to read an English novel. In fact, for English reading, the easiest one is reading specialized article; news reading follows while novel reading is the most difficult one, the rank of which must be surprising to many people.

When reading novels, there are some key points you must bear in mind. At first, the novel you choose must be suitable for your English ability, neither too difficulty nor too easy. If your English is pretty good, I strongly recommend that you read an original English novels while if your English is not so good, you can read a bilingual text.

Secondly, take notes when reading. You can write down the beautiful sentences in the book and review them from time to time, which will be of great help for your English writing!

Plan B—taking part in an English test. You can prepare yourselves for an authorized English test, such as IELTS, TOEFL. The process of preparing these tests will make your English improved by leaps and bounds. I will give some advice for this kind of test preparation. A) Vocabulary.

Buy a good book for vocabulary. Most of the students are bored with vocabulary learning. Choose a nice book which is attractive so you will be always interested in it. Moreover, in the vocabulary book, the words should have phonetic symbols which help you to pronounce the words.

Listen to the MP3 when learning the words is also extremely important! B) Speaking. Find a partner to practice your English. A native is preferred, if possible. Record your voice when speaking English, which will be helpful to find your incorrect pronunciation.

Besides, read magazine and newspaper both of which will enrich your topic since you will know more about the current events. C) Reading. It’s suggested that you should often visit some famous foreign websites such as www.economist.com or www. Nytimes.com and so on.

Articles on these websites are very genius and native. One passage per day for reading is enough to improve your reading ability if you can persist for a long time! D) Writing. Writing is closely related to reading. If you read a lot and make your reading ability improved, your writing ability will improve a lot, too.

But you need to pay great attention to the following: take notes so you can learn beautiful words and sentences; write something every day, regardless of the topic. E) Listening. If your English listening ability is a little poor, you can turn to two websites for help.

They are www.putclub.com and www.hjenglish.com; both are very famous for their English listening training. After a period of training and practice, you can listen to some more professional materials such as talk shows. English learning calls for your persistency and patience. Therefore, you need learn every day for a long time. Remember, it’s always true to English learners that practice makes perfect!

Plan C—watching classic films Some films are very classic and famous because of the dialogues, Such as Godfather, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and so on. For a good film, the plot is very attractive and audience will surely enjoy it. In a word, watch them and learn from them.

The above is my suggestion to make a good plan to learn English. If you have any better advice, please do not hesitate to let me know!