With Photos for Photos, the Chat on the Facebook’s New App Slingshot Can Hardly Stop Once Started

此前曾在 App Store 灵光一闪的 Slingshot (Android / iOS) 正式上线,使用的整体感受是:由 Facebook 出品的这款 Slingshot 太牛了,基于图片和视频的交流一旦开始,根本停不下来。

Slingshot (Android / iOS) that ever appeared just for a short time in the App Store has been officially available. The overall experience of this app is that the Slingshot produced by the Facebook is so excellent that once the communication based on photos and videos starts, it can hardly stop.

为什么这么说呢?在 Slingshot 中,有一个设定,即你只能先以照片 (可加涂鸦) 或视频的形式记录下属于自己的瞬间,才能解锁查看其联系人传给你的瞬间。

Why? In Slingshot, there is a setting that only by recording your own moment in the form of photos (anything you like can be drawn or written on them) or videos first can you unlock to view the moments your contacts send to you.

如果对方是你关心的人,你总想看看他 / 她给你发了啥,好奇心驱使下,你也会回一张照片、一张半截自拍或者一段视频,解锁查看。对方亦是如此,以此循环,根本停不下来。

If the person is someone you care about, you always want to see what he/she sends to you, you will reply a photo, half a self photo by yourself or a video to unlock to view. And so it is with others involved. The communication repeats in such a way that it can hardly stop.

From: The 36Kr

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