Personal pronouns are not quite common to see in Chinese expression. But in English, personal pronouns are used everywhere, as long as it is suitable. Thus, there are many personal pronouns in English. During translation, we can not treat different things as the same. One point should be pay attention to: not every personal pronoun in English is suitable to be translated into Chinese pronoun, especially when it is difficult to judge the reference of pronouns in Chinese or it is not accord with Chinese expression habit. That is because Chinese intends to repeat nouns instead of personal pronouns. As a result, we can not simply treat it “equally”.

Translate into pronoun in Chinese

With out prior written approval, no Party shall assign any and all of its rights and interests and delegate its responsibilities under this Agreement to any third party.


If the other two Parties exercise their preemptive right to purchase all (but not part) of the Transferred Equity Interest, they shall, within ninety (90) days of receipt of the Transfer Notice, purchase the transferred Equity Interest at a price equal to the selling price set out in the Transfer Notice.

若另外两方行使优先权购买全部(但不是部分)转让股权,则应在收到转让通知后的九十 (90) 天内以相等于转让通知内列明的出售价的价款购买转让股权。

Translate into the corresponding noun

This Contract is executed in Chinese. If necessary, it may be translated into other language.


The CJA shall be solely and fully responsible for the quality of the Products manufactured hereunder, for their conformity with the Technical Data and for their compliance with the laws and regulations from time to time in force in the Territory.


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Omit with no translation

When a Party wishes to transfer all or part of its registered capital contribution to a third party, it shall provide a written notice to the other Party.


The formation of this Contract, its validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of disputes in connection herewith shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.


If the other two Parties fail to exercise such preemptive right to purchase or pay the selling price to the Intending Transferor within the ninety (90) day period, they shall be deemed to have given their prior written consent to the proposed transfer.

若另外两方在九十 (90) 天限期内未行使其优先购买权或未向拟转让方指支付出售价款,则应被视为已就该项拟议中的转让给予事前书面同意。