Persian is one of the ancient languages ​​in the world. Belong to the Indo-European family, a language has a long tradition used in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. And can be translated Persian into any language Immigrants from these countries into the surrounding areas, even many countries have communities said the Persian.

The population saying Persian about 63,50 million, mostly distributed in Iran (55 million), in addition to distributed in parts of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, the former Soviet Union and China’s Xinjiang individual regions. Persian using the Arabic alphabet to spelling.

A large number of Arabic words in Persian language Translation and many of Persian letters are evolved on the basis of the Arabic letters, but there are four Arabic letters and pronunciation are not in Arabic letters but in Persian.

As Arabic is an language closely integrated with Islamic, so many countries take Islam as the state religion, or Islamic believers will use Arabic. For these reasons, nearly 60% of the modern Persian come from belonging to Arabic of Semito-Hamitic family.

Persian is an important language in the academic study of Islamic ancient, voluminous, and because the Islamic Persian writing works such as the hermeneutics of the Qur’an and Islamic law. Modern said the Bosnian state and the nation are Muslims, such as Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. There is a variant of Persian called Tajik, passage of the Republic of Tajikistan, but written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

The modern Persian on the basis of the Middle Persian, from about the 8th century, a dialect spoken in Iran, the South Fars tribes evolved. The dialect of the Arab Caliphate in the Persian southeast of entering into the court gradually become the official language of the court. In the long-term development, Farsi has accumulated a wealth of literature, philosophy, history and other scientific writings of literature. It is still one of the most important languages ​of the Near East region.

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