Normally, during the process of translation, we would possibly face in some slang and idioms, if we couldn’t handle them correctly, a big mistake will be made and laughed by others. Below are some common used slang and idioms, please kindly bear in your mind.

An apple of love means tomato, not the fruit of love;

American beauty means a kind of rose, not beautiful girls in US ;

Be taken in means be cheated/fooled, not been accepted;

Bring down the house means win cheers from all, not destroy the house;

Black stranger means totally strange, not unacquainted black man;

Busboy means a labour in hot, not bus ticket seller ;

Busybody means a person interested in other’s business, not a busy man;

China policy means policy towards China, not policy issued by China;

Confidence man means a cheater, not a man can be trusted;

Dead president means US dollar, not a president in death;

Dry goods means textile, not goods in dry status;

Dressing room means a room used for making up, not locker room;

Eleventh hour means the final moment, not eleven o’clock;

Familiar talk means a vulgar talk, not conversation which was known well;

Greek gift means dangerous gift, not a gift from Greece;

Green hand means a fresh man, not a hand filled with green color;

Horse sense means general knowledge, not a feeling from horse;

Indian summer means joyful and peaceful old age, not summer spent in India;

Lover means beloved one, not husband or wife;

Personal remark means attack someby, not personal comment;

Red tape means officialism, not a belt in red color;

Rest room means toilet, not a room for rest;

Sweet water means fresh water, not sugar water;

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