Looking for Clients is just like seeking girlfriends.

Catching the attention of the opposite sex:
Undoubtedly, the appearance is the first thing to catch the attention of the opposite sex. Though it seems to be not so noble, it is true that the reason that you feel in love with someone firstly is not that how kind, how knowledgeable and how hard-working she is. So if you want the girl to get a crush on you, you should catch her attention by your handsome appearance first.

To a man, it does not only mean that how handsome he should be. The boy should try every means to attract the attention of a girl in front of so many people. Why some people want some strange hairstyle. Maybe it is also because of this. Because by this, attention will be caught? Yes, sure.

While getting attention is only the first step. It may not have a good result. So it is looking for clients. When viewers view your advitising emails, will they feel that your email content is different from others? Or your email content is just likes others with nothing special. Or your email content is of your own characteristic?

Be an interesting person:

It won’t last long if you try to catch others’ attention just by appearance. Providing that you watch Liu Deihua for three months, you would be fed up. Then you should let yourself have some inner beauty. You should let the girl feel that it is very interesting and funny when staying with you. Most of the girls pays much more attention to your humor. Then maybe your morality, knowledge and justice.
As for looking for clients, whether you are sending the emails with similar contents or without any new ideas. Whether you supply the users with some useful information?

Let the opposite sex feel your sense of responsibility

Though the status of women has improved day by day even higher than the men’s. While in essence, men play a key role in families. By appearance and humor, you may become boyfriends. While you lack some responsibility, sense of security, maybe you will always stops at the phase of boyfriends.
As for looking for clients, when potential clients shows interesting in cooperating with you, whether you have let them trust you and your service? Will clients paid for the a translation with very bad quality? You have to try every means to let users believe that it is safe to cooperating with you.

Care about your girlfriends

Even to a stone-hearted man, he also has his gentleness when facing the one he loves. This is not in contradict with his strong side. Especially in real life, when two persons stays with each other for a long time, will they not quarrel with each other?In this circumstance, it is the man should show his gentleness and kindness.

It is also the same with your clients. Are you listening well to the their feedbacks? How is the post-service? All these would influence the clients and determine that whether they would cooperating with you next time?

As a salesman, you should try every means to find the clients. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Take it easy, you are just looking for your girlfriend..