One-Stop Services for Audio & Video Localization
There are usually demands from our clients to localize an audio & video for e-learning, marketing, entertainment, or some other materials. The localization could include graphic localization, subtitle translation, multi-lingual voice-over, or dubbing, and sometimes even video localization which include re-do the video with localized actors and localized scripts.

Professional audio & video localizations involve much more than simple translation. On top of the technical and cultural considerations, finding appropriate specialists in a different country to nail your marketing message is not so easy, and once you find the ones, work starts and then an entirely new set of problems emerges.

So don’t hesitate any more. Contact us right now. Partnering with CCJK to localize your audio and video means you can assured every aspect of your project going well and worry free. We could greatly save your time and energy as well as cost.

CCJK provides multimedia localization services for pc and web-based training courses, video programs, Flash animations and games. With a database of over 200 voice talents in 50+ languages, we could offer a wide range of services including transcriptions, script translation, voice-over recording, video subtitling, audio engineering, video editing, post-production and DVD localization.

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Transcription is the first and crucial step of multimedia localization. Our transcriptionists qualify as experts in any terminology of the targeted industry and could meet the highest levels of quality assurance.

Based on industry production standards guidelines published by Office Business Center Association International (, the general rule is that it takes one to two hours to transcribe 15 minutes of recorded audio. Of course, a lot will depend on the quality of the voices, technical content, accents, and if the video is to be transcribed verbatim vs. paraphrased. A straightforward, one-voice video will take much less time than a highly technical focus group with poor audio and accented speakers.

Moving to the translation part, to ensure top quality, we will assign not only one translator, but at least 3 linguists to the project: we translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for fine-tuning the translation and to eliminate any remaining errors and assure of the translation meet the context.

This is known as a strict TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process: It is necessary for translation projects to ensure the highest quality. Many famous translation/localization clients like Microsoft or Oracle actually request their vendors to do so. They sometimes ask the vendors to provide 3 different versions of the TEP-process files and spot-check these internally.

As CCJK is a China based professional translation and Localization Company, thus of cause, Asian languages, especially mandarin and Cantonese are of great advantage to us and we have in-house voice artists in these two languages.

Mandarin is the official language of the Mainland China and Taiwan area, and is also one of the official languages of Singapore. The intonations of standard mainland Mandarin and standard Taiwan Mandarin differ. Therefore, we would provide you with professional Mandarin voice over by a standard Mandarin speaker from mainland China and professional Mandarin voice over by a standard Mandarin speaker from Taiwan area.

Cantonese is one of the official languages of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, Mainland China, as well as in overseas Chinese communities in the United States and Europe, Hong Kong Cantonese accent is widely considered standard. So we provide you professional Cantonese voice over services with standard Cantonese speaker from Hong Kong.

Besides, we have provide our Asian and European language voice over services, such as Japanese, Korean, German, French ,etc.

We can also provide subtitling, audio editing and video editing services with the help of in-house engineers. If you are interested, please contact us via [email protected]. We can send you a price list of our service together with samples upon the receipt of your request