Figures are quite familiar to us in our daily life. They are a kind of calculation symbol that are usually used to express the general number or order, the nature and state of things, size or scope, etc. However, figures are not merely belonging to figure world.

A number of figures are not only used in daily life or literature works, they are also widely used for proverb or words or given special meaning to cast a mysterious culture. In scientific mathematics world, it functions at calculation in strict order and in the right amount, while in the digital world of the human soul; it functions at expressing the underlying meaning.

People get the ideas of figures through the observation and exploration to the objective world. It develops as the human civilization develops. Figure is kind of important language. It is also a kind of thinking and communication tool of high frequency.

Figures are formed after a certain period of human thinking to meet the needs of human production activities with the help of symbols. Any language in the world must be put into a certain cultural background, reflecting a certain cultural connotation.

Due to the differences on environments, religions, customs, and histories between the East and the West world, it forms different characteristic cultures. Therefore, figures are entitled with different meanings both in meaning and soul.

Therefore, there are many cultural differences on figures among different countries and regions all around the world. For instance, westerners don’t like 13 mostly because the betrayer Judas was justly the 13th guest.

It was him that caused Jesus’ death. 13 are almost a taboo to them. Especially when inviting guests to a dinner, they will try everything to make it 12 or 14. Likewise, figure 4 is not welcomed by Chinese people in many occasions mostly because its pronunciation has something to do with that of “death”.

We many always come across figure problems in our daily life. Consequently, we have to be careful with these figures during cross-cultural communication. It is quite necessary for us to be familiar with these differences, try to avoid offend to foreign people and achieve successful communication with them.