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Norwegian is Norway’s official language, spoken by virtually all of the country’s 4 million inhabitants.

Norway’s geography and living conditions have a myriad of local and regional dialects. Today, they still in a strong position. Norwegian has two official written forms, one is “Bokmål” (Bokmål), one is the “new Norwegian” (Nynorsk). “Bokmål” is based on Danish – Norwegian language, the written text in Denmark with Norway on the basis of the pronunciation of the eastern dialects evolved. “New Norwegian” according to a compilation of various western Norwegian dialects by linguist Ivar Aasen in the 1850s.

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Although the “Bokmål” in major cities Oslo and somewhat more widely used, it  have the equal official status  with “new Norwegian”. People Use the “new Norwegian” who stands at about 10 to 15%, mainly in the western coastal areas. Another “new Norwegian” is also used in government documents, literary, dramatic arts, public broadcasting and church services.

We always persistence in the principle that translation must be suited to translator’s specialty, the translation of any professional information must be borne by a translator that have profound background knowledge and qualifications. We employ the Norwegian translators are qualified professional translators, they not only have varied attainments  in terms of language, and have their own areas of expertise, besides academic degree of foreign language, they also have legal, financial, mechanical, electronic, chemical and other specific professional.

We can complete the entrusted documents into the accurate and appropriate translations use a very reasonable price within the stipulated time, in addition we can set up the type in accordance with the format of the original text or format that you specify.

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