Nokia’s Prototype Charges Cellphone with Noise

据 Gizmag 消息,诺基亚与伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院的科学家们最近成功研究出了利用声音发电的技术。
Gizmag – Scientists from Nokia and Queen Mary University of London have recently developed the technology to convert sound into electricity.

诺基亚与英国科学家将液态氧化锌喷到塑料薄片上,放置到一种化学混合物上加热,到 90℃ 时塑料薄片表面会生成氧化锌纳米棒,夹在两个铝箔材质的电接触薄片中间,就能获取电压。

Nokia and British scientists spray liquid zinc oxide on plastic sheet and heat them on a kind of chemical mixture; zinc oxide nanorod will be generated on the surface of the sheet at 90℃; voltage will be produced by placing it between two electrical contact sheet of aluminum foil.

这款电能采集装置的原型机,尺寸差不多接近诺基亚 Lumina 925,能够用日常生活中的噪音制造出 5V 的电流,足够为手机充电。这项技术未来成熟之后,不仅可以解决手机等移动设备的续航问题,还可以有效减少电池污染。

The prototype with this electricity collecting device is close to Nokia Lumia 925 in size and is sufficent to charge the phone with 5V current generated from noise in daily life. This technology, once developed, can not only solve the electricity consumption problem of mobile devices such as cell phone but also effectively reduce the battery pollution.

其实,想到利用声音发电的厂家还有不少,据说欧洲移动巨头 Orange 公司,提出了一个类似的创意,声音发电T恤(Sound Charge Shirt)。T 恤的中间有一块 A4 大小的压电转换薄膜,能吸收声波,转换成电力储存起来。只要周围的声音超过 80 分贝,就能产生 6W 的电力。

Actually, many manufacturers have considered to generate electricity with sound. Orange once proposed a similar concept: Sound Charge Shirt. An A4-sized pressure-electricity converting film in this T-shirt can absord and convert sound wave into storable electricity. When the surrounding sound level exceeds 80 dB, the T-shirt can generate the electricity about 6W.

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