We’re pleased to announce that our in-house team of translators has been expanded to 20 members thanks to the continual business support from our VIP clients. Also the company has developed into a medium-scale company in the translation/localization field with 40+ employees in our office, covering the following sub-segments:

English to & from Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional)

Multi-lingual translations for over 90 language pairs

DTP & typesetting services

Multimedia creating and editing (E-learning)

Website design & software development

Star of this Month: Mr. Ryu Chen

Mr. Chen grew up in Japan and has lived in there for more than 15 years. Majoring in Software Application and Development, he graduated from Kyushu Institute of Technology (九州工業大学) Japan in 2009 with Mast degree in Science. Mr. Chen is good at both computer language and national languages with outstanding lingual talents.

He can speak native and fluent Japanese, and is proficient in English as well as Chinese. A veteran in computer software, especially in acoustics and imaging, he is able to create applications and applets for existing software, and even can design movie clips, further process images and animations with Flash, Photoshop and some other tools!

Ms Chen joined in CCJK in January, 2011 after 2-year of working experience as a translator and coder in Japan. Now he works as a Japanese reviewer in our language team.

Our strict TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) Process

To make sure the highest translation accuracy, we will not assign only one translator, but at least 3 linguists to the project: we translate from scratch by a linguist, then pass the translated documents to another editor for reviewing, and finally to a 3rd proofreader for polishing:

1. Initial Translation: Assign jobs to our native translators. During this stage, we ask them to list any questions they have to be answered.

2. Independent Review: Assign the initially translated files to an independent reviewer for editing and proofreading. she/he will complete the QA Report. It’s an automatically assessing system, and clients and CCJK will judge intuitively if the job is qualified.

3. Q & A: We collect and filter all questions and send them to clients, then feedback our translators with the answered queries.

4. Complaints Response: If Clients detect any bugs and are not satisfied with our delivery, we’ll perform another round of review by a 3rd independent reviewer at our own cost until our clients accept the jobs with 100% satisfaction.

In a word, we are a company with proven capabilities in the localization business and have helped a good many clients with projects with considerable and huge sizes. We value a client like you with whom we can establish a long-term relationship and achieve mutual benefit.