New Year begins and everyone makes promises to improve themselves which is called New Year’s resolutions. Someone likes to them write down, others keep them in mind. This year, I don’t want to make resolutions that are too big and general to follow through on. I hope that my resolutions are specific, measurable, or realistic and I can stick to them. They are as follows:

1. Learn more about translation and IT industries via Forum (Forums of Proz and Translatorscafe), colleague’s shares, books and Internet.

Search more information about Clients, Platforms, Partners, Competitors and Freelancers all over the world. Make sure my Target Customers after analysis. “All the people in the world are my clients” is not suitable for me now. Firstly, I need to find out a suitable market segment for both our company and my sales style, make full of use it, and then go into others.

At the same time, read translation rules like Microsoft Style Guide which can help me to deliver professional translated files to clients every time.

2. Search new clients.

Build steady and long-time business ship with 3 clients which are the main source of my orders. I will spend more time in collecting information about clients with potential and then offer them unique services according to their different demands. Meanwhile, develop new client continuously and try my best to make the number of new clients add up to 18 within a year. Added new clients constantly are also important for my development as some of them can grow and can become my main clients someday. To balance

3. Learn how to use SDL Trados Studio 2009 and 2011.

As we all know, it is necessary for me as a sales woman to be familiar with translation tool. I can offer suitable solutions at the first time to my clients with knowledge of translation tools when new enquiries are coming. When small mistakes are discovered by me before delivery, I can revise directly by myself which can finish work efficiently.

4. Find out new platform and make full use of it.

New platform is very important for long, steady orders and new clients. Maybe it is difficult to find, but after that, things will become easier. New platform means new way to find clients. I will try my best to find a new platform and make full use of it this year.

My goal in 2014 is to become an “A” player.