During these days, we are facing with clients’ negative feedbacks. Some clients are arguing about bad translation quality. Some say our translation levels do not meet their standards, for example, we get 98.8% grades while they require above 99%. What’s more, some clients complain the layout are not the same as the original files.

What I am afraid is to face with client’s negative feedbacks. I think everyone does not like to face with this problem. It is just because what we have done seemed to be in vain. And we must do better in the future to avoid this.

Of course, when we choose translators we usually ask our resource manager to arrange the person who knows more about the field. Thus, he may better understand the meaning of the texts. When the resource manager arranges an editor, it applies to the same selection standards.

We do quite a lot in the translation quality, even if we PMs are not professional translators. After all, clients are God. This principle applies to almost every field.

But how to solve this problem and what can we do must be taken into serious consideration. By analyzing the feedbacks of our clients, we find that most of negative feedbacks are from outsourcing translators. We not only use them to do translation, but also ask them to do editing jobs.

Although we choose experienced editors, problems still occur. As we cannot guarantee the quality of outsourcing translators and editors, we even do not know how many changes they have done.

By avoiding this, our company initiates a mechanism, that is, using inhousing translators to do translation, and editing jobs are also done by inhousing experienced translators. If our inhousing translators are occupied, then we can use outsourcing resources. I think it is really a good idea.

Translators in our company have responsibilities to do projects well, and they are restricted by company rules. While outsourcing translators are not restricted by these rules. And if they offered bad quality we cannot punish them.

Our QA team has formed to guarantee the quality of final translation. I am really appreciated. I hope in the future our quality will be more excellent that our clients are satisfied with our services. Then we can do more business in the future. By solving thess problems, we will be more mature in coping with projects.