Over the past year, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched mobile phones with various types and functions; Among them, each series with a English word named code, perhaps we see these English words regularly, but do have little knowledge of their pronunciation and meaning. Some highlighted words are selected for discussion, wish to help you popularize such Knowledge.

Asha[‘a:ʃə:] is a product series which launched by Nokia and mainly to India market. In India, Asha means “hope”, but while smartphones are surrounded in every corner of the world, this series’ mobile phones actually belong to the scope of non-smart category; It’s quite disappointment;

Lumia[‘lju:miə] is the first series mobile phones after Nokia turned to the WP7 camp of Microsoft. Finland, the birthplace of Nokia, which called Lumi “snow”, and Lumia is the plural of Lumi , so Lumia has an intrinsic meaning “snow crystal”.

It represents Nokia’s natural crystallization of hard work and sounds quite good. Actually Nokia wants to make a good turn around via this series mobile phone. Because the current situation is quite embarrassing to Nokia, the unique Sybian system had been far behind iOS and Android systems and Nokia hope the new WP7 system increase the sales revenue for the company.

Atrix[‘eitriks] 4G is a code used by Motorola and it’s a new smartphone based on Android system, which known as “the most powerful smartphone in the history.”

Galaxy[‘gæləksi] is a range of products under Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. Products covered all grades from entry level to flagship level. All of us know the meaning of Galaxy and it mainly represents Milky Way,Stars and Infinite&Vast Space, especially indicates to a good thing or a group of dazzling people. Samsung hopes to bring all the best products to all consumers; In fact, he made it. It is learnt that products of Galaxy is one of the best products in the Android family.

Retina[‘retinə] named as retinal technologies. It’s the display screen name of the latest generation of Apple’s handset, iPhone. Such screen used the ultra high resolution display with super small dot pitch with 326ppi, exceeds visual resolution limits and no any other display screen can be compared with it.

Cyida[θ i:di ə] is a third-party software source which based on iOS system and it’s the core program to JailBreak iOS. Users can install a wide variety of third-party applications through Cyida. To a certain degree, Cyida is a parasite of Apple system.

Most of us are interested in the latest electronic products. While being fond of these products, we still need to further understanding of the corresponding English words or methods of definition. It will help us to gain more technology update.