In the last article, I wrote some of my views on one of the philosophy. In this article, I want to say something about another philosophy in our company.

Our company’s another philosophy is ‘Good character makes good business ’. That means if we want to make good business, good character is an essential component. In my opinion, characters include an extremely broad of contents, from our opinions over matters to our natures that carried with us.

To be more exact, characters should be included our values, morals, judgment, decisions, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship and so on. It goes without saying that each of the characters is important for us whether we do our own jobs or make business or dealing things with other people. You may fail to do good jobs on occasion while you lack of one of the characters mentioned above.

Among all of these characters, I think the most important ones for us is trustworthiness, responsibility and respect. As we know, our company CCJK is dedicated to provide translation and localization solutions to organizations, all the companies over the word are our clients.

Once the clients have us to do some tasks, it means they trust us very much. Therefore, we must make ourselves to be the ones who are trustworthiness. That means we should not deceive or cheat our clients under no circumstance.

Moreover, we should attach weight to the character of responsibility. The implication of responsibility infers we should make our best effort to ensure that the tasks were done at a high level. That means we should responsible for not only clients but also ourselves.

For my part, when I translate English to Japanese, I often encounter some difficult words which take me much time to look them up. Sometimes I think they are so troublesome and occasionally thought of give them up, but I reminded myself from time to time that I should not do this at any time. Even if it was extremely difficult, I still make my best effort to complete it.

In addition, respect is also vital for us if we want to make our business better. It appears to me that respect is to treat others with respect. That means when we deal with our clients or colleagues, we must use good manners, not bad language and so on. Sometimes, we may receive criticism from our client or colleagues. Even at that time, we should still respect them because the criticisms are an incentive for us to a certain extent.

Except for the three characters I mentioned above, other characters are also important while we make business. It is probable that we have many things need to be improved, but I feel strongly that over time, we can build great character, achieve great success and of course make better business as long as we strive to.

It goes without saying that character cannot be developed in ease. Only through experience of trial and suffering and criticism can a good character achieved. So to cultivate good character, we need time and patience and extended effort and something like that.

At last, I want to say that we should be more concerned with our character, because our character is what you really are, and can make our business better, and of course lead us to a success in our life.