Robinson Crusoe is the masterpiece of Daniel Defoe,who is one of the founders of English novel. He wrote this novel at the age of 59.Actuallly, I have read the Chinese version of Robinson Crusoe more than three times when I was in my middle school but what I felt pity was that I had never read the English version of it with patience and my whole attention. To recapture the soul-stirring days in the harsh island, I opened the book again 3weeks ago and thoughts about the book filled up mind in recent days.

There is a saying that God helps those who help themselves. Robinson said: “I will try my best to survive the island. I will not be drowned as long as I can paddle; I will not fall down as long as I still stand up…… .” No one can rescue us in such desperate situation except for ourselves.

Hardly can we gain the opportunity to live in a desolate island alone like Robinson, but the courage to challenge destiny is necessary for everyone of us in the competitive surroundings. I asked myself what would I do if I was lost in such a harsh island. I’m not requiring survive like Robinson without any food and tools, but I am wondering how many days can I endure the loneliness, fear and desperation. I know what I should gain is the optimistic attitude towards life.