My First Experience of Trados 2011

One is never too old to learn. This is really an enduring truth. Several months ago, when translators and project managers are trained on Trados 2011, I thought it was so far away from me: because I have Trados 2006.

But, now, shortly after that, I have to use Trados 2011 according to the client’s requirement. Oh my God, why didn’t I learn it carefully before? Then, when I realized its importance, I began to learn to use it.

First, I have to install it. It can be coexist with other versions of Trados, so I do not need to uninstall my Trados 2006. But there are still some episodes: to install Trados 2011, it needs Service Pack 3; while my computer has only Service Pack 2. Then the first thing I have to do is download Service Pack 3 and update my computer. After that, Trados 2011 can be installed.

Then, a kind colleague shares an online learning video to me. From that, I learnt how to have a new project, how to connect a TM, how to confirm your translation, how to check after finishing, how to use tag in my translation, how to save translation….

But, the first time when I use Trados 2011, I encountered some troubles. When I finished several lines, and saved the file, it appears an error warning. And the file cannot be opened after closing.

I tried many times, it shows the same warning. And I asked the project manager for help, he was also puzzled about this. At last, I had to give up using 2011. Instead, I finished that project in word file. And it is still a mystery to me till now.

Several days later, here comes another project using Trados 2011. At first I was extremely worried about having the same problem. But it seems that my worry is really unnecessary. The project goes smoothly and I become more fluently using Trados 2011.

Some operation tips are as follow:

1. After translating or editing one line, you need to press Ctrl+Enter to confirm and go into the next line.

2. Ctrl+Alt+↓: choose bold, italic or underline, and then press Enter to apply.

3. How to inset tag: put cursor in the desire position in translation, press and hold Ctrl, and click the purple tag.

4. Format check: Tool – Verification (F8)

5. How to clean: File – Save Tralsnation AS

Of course, I will learn more about Trados 2011 and be more fluent in using it. Let’s learn together!

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