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5, act sincerely and friendly All of us are pleased to keep in touch with those sincere and friendly persons while move away from those distant and arrogant guys. If you talk to the client in a manner of icy mood with no affection, I dare to say that the client will cancel or not tend to work with you most likely. Remember to pay attention to your mood, be gentle and express your appreciation. If it is an error because of you, just take advice, not to find excuse, meanwhile try your every effort to solve the problems. By doing so, your client will be impressed to collaborate with you or to introduce new clients to you.

6, make yourself specialized in one field One cannot become an expert in each field. Even though you can translate some terms with the help of professional dictionary, your turn out will doom to be poor thanks to your little understanding for the field on which the material is studying. Most experienced translators suggest that the most workable way is to focus on some fields you prefer. Then, buy some professional dictionaries. Keep your mind to accumulate the related information on the fields you selected. It is advisable to refuse the job that you are not so familiar. There is no necessity to worry that your business will reduce. Reversely, the potential client will tend to search a professional translator to do his job. Then you surely win.

7, Make everything clear, do not take it for granted or do a wild guess. Being a translator, the first rule is to well be informed of the specific requirement of a project, which includes time to deliver, the format of the delivery etc. Do not be proud that you know what the client really wants. In fact, varied client may ask for different things. Therefore, don’t forget to check each points with the client before you start working. Otherwise, you may have to spend the unnecessary time to make up if you handle the project violated the client’s need, or even worse, you may lose the opportunity to work with the client further.

8,Do not make stupid mistake In regard to the quality, the last thing the client wants to find is the silly mistake such as spelling, grammar, typo etc. To avoid this, ensure that you have a sound check of the whole text manually after the spelling and grammar checking tools with MS WORD operates the first round check.

9, Keep your promise to deliver the project on time If you have promised the client when to deliver the project, then keep your promise without any excuse. Your delayed delivery will disturb the client’s plan or even make a business lost.

10, take full advantage of translation tools and resources At a broad sense, the translation tools contain all the hardware and software which make your translation job easy including computer, dictionary, internet, online resource etc. If you can use the tools and resource available at a large extend, your work will be much more easier.