As a PM for 2 complete months, I think it is time to make a brief look back on the past learning period. At preliminary period, I arranged one project a day. I get a lot of time thinking how to do it well. Now I could arrange more than 5 projects at the same time. It ‘s really a progress. I am appreciated. And I learn and conclude some ways to improve the efficiency when manage projects.

First of all, resources, is the basis of managing the project. So it is very important to have a updated translators list. Arrange them into a good order, classify them by different type. For example, cooperated translators, you can put them in different classified list, like from EN-CN, EN – JA, etc. Those cooperated translators are your competitive force, when the project comes.

You could get the fastest reply from your cooperated translators. And besides, you could arrange a archive to list potential translators, with which you have contacted before but never actually cooperated because of time limits or something. They are precious resources either, who can give you the first time reply or is supposed to help you if you couldn’t find anyone else.

Secondly, technical QA skills! This is a very necessary skill when the translated file comes back to you. You should QA the file at the first time, effectively and efficiently. That to say, the more time you waste on QA process, the more projects you will lose. And you could not totally depend on the QA aided software, such as Xbench. Sometimes machine might make errors. What you need the most is an shape eye, which can spot the error in the translated file precisely.

On the third place, handling different CATs is also important. Sometimes client gives TTX, sometimes PDF, and sometimes even uncertain format. So the ability of dealing with various files becomes very indispensable. And trying to figure out the best way among them, is the symbol of a professional PM.

In sum, good contacting resources, skillful QA ability and different CAT operating, these three things can help a PM manage the project much more better, that is to say ,when various projects come, you will never become nervous at all, because the best managing method to the project is in your mind. And at that time, to become a PM star is no more a goal afar.