Messaging 2.0 Era Will Come to an End: Snapchat and Anonymous App are Emerging

消息服务是一个竞争激烈的领域。如果创业者错过了机会出现的窗口,那么很快就会落后。第一代消息服务将桌面电脑作为关键平台,而第二代服务则专注于移动平台。在第二代创业公司中, Kakao、Viber 和 Kik 相继推出于 2010 年,只有 WhatsApp 的推出时间稍早,为 2009 年 5 月。

Messaging service is a fiercely competitive occupation. If such opportunity is missed, it’s supposed that the entrepreneurs will be left behind. The first generation of messaging service hosted desktop as the critical platform while the second generation of messaging service focused on mobile platform. Among second generation of entrepreneurial firms, Kakao, Viber and Kik were consecutively launched in 2010 except WhatsApp which was presented in May 2009.

所有这些产品都顺应了技术发展的两大关键趋势:社交网络和智能手机。类似 Facebook、LinkedIn 和 Twitter 的社交网络挑战了互联网门户,吸引了用户关注。早在 90 年代时,大规模推广的最快方式是通过大型门户网站,这是由于用户在访问互联网时会首先使用这些网站。这种情况帮助 AOL、雅虎和微软取得了领先。今天,内容分发更加开放,因此 WhatsApp 和 Viber 等公司能挑战规模较大的竞争对手并从中获利。

All these products are compliant with two important tendencies of technical development: social networking and smartphone. Such social networks as Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter stand up to the Internet portal and attract users’  attention. In early 1990s, the fastest promotion at scale was to go with major portals as users would first go to these websites for accessing the Internet, which helped AOL, Yahoo and Software take lead.  Nowadays, contents have been distributed more widely, therefore a number of companies such as WhatsApp and Viber are able to challenge larger rivals and acquire benefits from therein.

而最近兴起的“阅后即焚”是否会成为“消息 3.0 ”?匿名社交应用的情况又会如何?目前做出判断还为时过早。不过有一点可以肯定:我们即将看到“消息 2.0 ”的下一场战争。美国的顶级互联网公司拥有自己的消息服务,东亚的许多这些公司也是如此。唯一的例外是亚马逊。尽管亚马逊推出了多种硬件设备,但该公司专注于媒体消费而不是社交网络(通过 Goodreads 分享推荐除外)。或许,亚马逊将会收购一家“阅后即焚”消息服务。无论如何,对创业公司来说,这一消息服务的革命正在迅速蔓延。

Whether will the recently emerging Snapchat become the Messaging 3.0? How about the Anonymous App? It’s too early to make proper judgment, but it’s affirmative that we will soon catch sight of the next competition of Messaging 2.0. The leading Internet companies in USA possess their own messaging service, and so do a lot of companies in East Asia.

The unique exception is Amazon, which has released a variety of hardware devices but focused on media consumption rather than social networking (except the sharing and recommendation by Goodreads). Probably, it will take over a Snapchat messaging service. Anyhow, such revolution in messaging service is spreading rapidly for entrepreneurial firms.

From: The Techcrunch

Translated by Anne, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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