Not Merely Human Being Needs “Health Tracker”: Chicago Collects “Big Data” of Environment with Sensors

据 chicago tribune 报道,今夏开始芝加哥将在街道上安装传感器,实时测量温度、湿度、光照、声音、空气质量、人流密度、路况甚至通讯信号等数据。政府、机构、公众都可以随时在网上免费获取、使用这些信息。

As reported by Chicago Tribune, Chicago plans to install sensors in streets from this summer to measure such real-time data as temperature, humidity, illumination intensity, noise, air quality, people flow density, traffic conditions and communication signals. The information will be available online to governments, institutions and the public.


Designed by the Art Institute of Chicago, the sensors are integrated in the light box shown in the picture above to collect data in real time, which not only provides convenience for the public to get information on environment and traffic, but also help departments concerned to conduct real-time monitoring of environmental pollutions.


Although Chicago is not the first city to collect similar environment data, it is the first city to use fixed sensors to collect related data.

不过,对于搜集人流数据这项现在还存在较大争议。项目本来是想通过传感器监测手机、平板等设备的 WI-FI 或者蓝牙信号来判断人流量,但民众对这种可能会侵犯个人隐私的行为还是比较反感的。

However, there is a big controversy over the collection of people flow data. The project team originally wants to measure the people flow rate by monitoring the WiFi or bluetooth signals of devices like mobile and tablet, but the public is averse to this activity which may be an invasion of privacy.

这个是 The Array Of Things 项目的一部分,今年夏天将在芝加哥试点,项目发起人希望在不久能拓展到全美。

As a part of The Array Of Things, this project will be tested in Chicago this summer and the project initiator hope it can be extended throughout the US soon.

From: The 36Kr

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