Mercedes-Benz Unveils Self-Driving “Future Truck”

据纽约时报消息,戴姆勒首次对外展示了无人驾驶卡车——奔驰未来卡车 2025(Future Truck 2025),可降低卡车司机疲劳驾驶引发的交通事故,大大提高运输效率。

As reported by New York Times, Daimler debuted its self-driving “Future Truck 2025” which can reducing accidents caused by fatigue driving and greatly increase the transport efficiency.

在戴姆勒的概念里,未来的卡车司机开车应该是这个样子的:坐在座椅上,眼镜盯在平板上,双手放在腿上。这次的展示中,一辆奔驰大型卡车在德国 Autobahn 高速公路上试开了大约三英里,期间驾驶员一直低头看着平板,查找食谱,全程没有触摸过方向盘,卡车的时速达到了每小时 85 千米。

Daimler conceives that truck drivers should drive their trucks like this: sitting on the seat, looking at a pad and putting hands on legs. During the test, a heavy truck runs on the Autobahn Highway in Germany for about three miles at up to 85 km/h with its driver look down to a pad for searching recipe without a touch of the steering wheel.

奔驰未来卡车 2025 配备了立体摄像头,可以识别单双车道、人行道,分辨移动和静止的物体,监视范围内的所有物体和路面情况。通过辨识所有与背景影像形成对比的物体,精确测量间距。前置立体摄像头还能够捕捉交通标志的信息,识别车道标记,引导卡车自主驾驶。

Future Truck 2025 has a stereo camera to identify single- & double-lanes and sidewalks, moving and stationary objects, all objects within the monitored area and also the condition of the road surface.  The camera recognizes everything that contrasts with the background, and is therefore also able to measure clearances precisely. The front stereo camera also registers the information on traffic signs and identifies lane markings for autonomous track guidance.

未来卡车 2025 配备了一个应用于动力总成预控制系统 (PPC) 中的三维数字地图,可实时全面掌握道路的轨迹和周边地形。另外每辆车都配备了“高速公路领航系统”,可以向周边持续发送 CAM 信息,告知其他车辆自己的位置、车型、尺寸、行驶方向、速度、加速和其他制动信息。信息发送的频次从 1 次 / 秒到 10 次 / 秒不等,主要由车辆行驶的速度和变化决定。

The system also includes a three-dimensional digital map, which is already used for the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), which means that the truck is always fully aware of the road’s course and topography. Every vehicle is equipped with “Highway Pilot” to continuously transmit CAM information to its surroundings, including vehicle position and model, dimensions, direction of travel and speed, any acceleration and other braking manoeuvres. The frequency of information transfer varies from 1 to 10 times/second depending on the vehicle speed and any changes in its movement.

不过,与 Google 的无人驾驶汽车不同,奔驰未来卡车 2025 仍是建立在以驾驶员为掌握者的逻辑基础上的,所以车辆可以允许驾驶员随时关闭“高速公路领航系统”,恢复手动操作。另外,超车、换车道这些工作都必须由驾驶员手工操作,卡车无法自主完成。

But different from Google’s self-driving car, Future Truck 2025 is still logically based on driver as the master; therefore, the truck enables a driver to turn off the “Highway Pilot” for manual operation. Additionally, operations such as overtaking and lane changing must be done by driver manually rather than automatically done by the truck.

这款无人驾驶卡车现在只有一款原型车,从名字来看,很可能 2025 年问世。这辆车要想真正上路可能也要和 Google 一样,先解决法律问题。戴姆勒拒绝公布这款无人驾驶卡车的售价,但是 IHS 预测,很可能比普通的私家车贵 1 万美元。

This self-driving truck only has a prototype vehicle currently and according to its name, it is likely to come into the market in 2025. Like Google’s self-driving car, this truck must be approved by laws to run on roads. Daimler refused to reveal the price but predicted by HIS, it may be 10,000 USD more expensive than an ordinary private car.

From: The 36Kr

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