Do you know Marshallese language?

The Marshallese is the official language in the Republic of the Marshall Islands which lies within the area of central Pacific Ocean. With two major dialects Rälik (western) and Ratak (eastern), the Marshallese language is a Malayo-Polynesian language of the Marshall Islands. Besides the Marshall Islands, the Marshallese language is also spoken in Nauru, an island nation in Micronesia in the South Pacific.

The Marshallese language belongs to the Austronesian language family, with 22 consonants plus a supplementary velar central approximant consonant as well as four vowel phonemes each with several allophones.

CCJK – Your best Marshallese translation partner

The Marshallese language is becoming one of the important languages worldwide. It is vital to understand Marshallese as well as do business with them. CCJK, a professional translation (localization) solutions provider worldwide, understands well the importance of working in the Marshallese language. We offer compressive Marshallese translation services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide by providing outstanding Marshallese interpreting, translation and copywriting services.

Professional Marshallese Linguists

Our Marshallese linguists are native speakers and copywriters who are screened, certified, field tested and experienced in a number of specific industries such as healthcare, technology, financial and manufacturing. Besides focusing on producing an accurate, smooth and readable translation, our linguists also place a high value on rendering a finished file layout that is faithful to the style of the original file.

In CCJK, we only use professional and qualified translators who have a solid mastery of the Marshallese language (including grammar, spelling and cultural nuances) and a solid understanding of the subject matter.

Boosting up your business with our Marshallese translation

CCJK is a one-stop localization service provider with in-house and outsourced linguistic and technical resources and expertise for translation and localization of all web content such as text, graphics, multimedia, online help, audio/video and animation.

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With our Marshallese translation services, you are able to maximize your global strategy by penetrating into the Marshallese-spoken markets. Our accurate translation will also help you reach your clients and make business success.
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