On Management of projects of an Electronic Company

How time flies…I have been as PM for one  Electronic Companynearly half a year….

Their Projects are usually for multi language and at the same time,super urgent….Generally ,their projects are very small,within around 100 words,but they usually includes 3-5 languages pairs,that is to say,English to KK,English to ID,English to VI,English to TH,nowadays they have added one more pair,that is English to Malay which is not very often requested….

Why to say their projects are often super urgent?For example,if today is Friday,they usually will give you assignment in the evening around 19:00 or 20:00 pm,sometimes even around 22:00 pm but the deadline are usually SOB of next morning (Korean time)….What is more,They have many queries and verification requests which are for their manuals’ translations…

How to manage this kind of projects?I have to check the mailbox once i come back home from duty every business day and waiting for their assignment ,if they arrived, we must give the client prompt reply and contact the translators asap as we usually need them to get them back within today or start of business next morning…

If too many small projects had come and the translators may can not finish all of them that night,I have to request our client to give more time ,usually several hours….If some projects are not so urgent,it may be acceptable for them…If not,we have to ask our translators to try their best to meet it and usually they will make effort to do it if not badly overloaded…

For free queries and verification requests,we try our best to be polite when asking our translators’ help as they are also always super urgent ..Sometimes we can hardly offer Min charge for translators because of cost limitation, so I usually did not classify fuzzy and new words ,that is to say give fuzzy same rate as new when issuing po to them…If some translators require Min charge,I also try my best to meet them even if cost limit…

Nowadays we have received initial trust from the client and they will give us not only small projects, sometimes we are assigned super big project though it is rare….As we usually can give the client prompt reply and usually try our best to meet their super urgent deadlines..

Our translators are always ready for it though some translators rejected to do such projects but some ones are insisted to help us for them even sometimes it is really very hard to meet the deadline..

I am really appreciated for the translators who can try their best to keep high quality for super urgent projects and usually help us for many requests the client asked us to do for free…

At the same time,from the client ,we have learned that to every small issues we have to be more patient for them and can not ignore small details..

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